Minor in Precision Agriculture

Approved course options for a minor in Precision Agriculture. 18 credits, 9 of which must be upper division courses, are required for a minor; however, the number of credits may exceed 18 to meet the needs of the program. The Precision Agriculture minor is composed of a minimum of 18 credits, nine of which are in upper division courses as required. Course selection from the technical course list must include a minimum of 6 credits of coursework not required as part of the students major. Agricultural technology is a rapidly evolving field and additional relevant technical course offerings may be approved by the advisor.

  • Course(s) and Title(s) with Semester Offered* in Parenthesis followed by Pre-Requisites if applicable for a Minor in Agricultural Systems
  • *Offered in Spring (S), Fall (F), and/or Summer Sessions (SS).
  • **4 credit course. Other courses are 3 credit courses.

Required Courses Include

  • CROP_SCI/HORT 102: Introduction to Cultivated Plants (F)
  • SOIL_SCI 201: Soil: A Living System (F,S, Online)
  • AFS 201: System Skills for Agricultural and Food Systems (F)

And one of the following courses

  • CROP_SCI/HORT 202**: Crop Growth and Development (S, Online; CROP_SCI/HORT 102)
  • CROP_SCI 403: Advanced Cropping Systems (F; CROP_SCI/HORT 202; Recommended course CROP_SCI 305, PL_P 429)
  • SOIL_SCI 302: Introduction to Agroecology (S, Online; Recommended courses SOIL_SCI 201)
  • SOIL_SCI 414: Environmental Biophysics (S) AND SOIL_SCI 415: Environmental Biophysics Lab (S)
  • SOIL_SCI 441: Soil Fertility (S, Online; SOIL_SCI 201)

Upper Division Course Options (9 Credits needed)

  • AGTM 305: Agricultural Precision Systems (F)
  • AGTM 315: Irrigation Systems and Water Management (F)
  • AGTM 405: Advanced Agricultural Precision Systems (S)
  • AGTM 495: Internship in Agricultural Technology and Management    (F, S)
  • SOIL_SCI 368: Introduction to Geographic Information System (F)
  • SOIL_SCI 374: Introduction to Remote Sensing (S)
  • SOIL_SCI 468: GIS Spatial Analysis (S)