Major in Agricultural Technology and Production Management

Students in this hands-on major gain a science-based overview of agriculture and food systems, with an emphasis on the practical application of technology to agricultural production systems. The program combines students’ inherent creativity and interest in physical and biological sciences, technology, mathematics, business, and related subjects with their desire to develop innovative solutions to a variety of agricultural problems. Student’s are encouraged to further develop their knowledge of the agricultural industry by participating in the Agricultural & Technology Management Club.

Areas of application include precision agricultural operations and services, management of agricultural businesses, production operations, sales, and promotional work in domestic and international agricultural communities. Graduates are prepared to own, operate, and manage their own enterprises or to provide services for private or governmental entities.

Employment and Career Possibilities Within This Major

  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Manager
  • Agriculture Technology or Production Consultant
  • Forest Science Specialist
  • Seed Producer
  • Farm Manager
  • Feedlot Manager
  • Landscape Plant Growers
  • Nursery Operator
  • Food Quality Assurance Executive
  • Farmer/Rancher
  • Plant and Animal Breeding Specialist

Examples of Required/Preferred Classes for First-Year Students

  • AS 101: Introductory Animal Science
  • Crops/Hort 102: Cultivated Plants
  • Stat 212: Introduction to Statistics
  • Chem 101: Introduction to Chemistry
  • Chem 102: Chemistry Related to Life Sciences
  • AFS 101: Introduction to Agricultural and Food Systems

Required Math

  • Stat 212: Introduction to Statistical Methods

Transfer Pathways

Many of our best students attend local community colleges prior to transferring to WSU. Below is a list of suggested WSU courses to take locally and transfer into WSU. You can find your institution’s equivalent courses with our Transfer Course Search Tool or submit a course for evaluation with our Course Evaluation Request Form

  • BIOLOGY 106: Intro to Organismal Biology, 107: Intro to Cell Biology and Genetics or 120: Introductory Botany (2 of these)
  • CHEM 101: Introduction to Chemistry or 105: Principles of Chem I
  • CHEM 102: Chemistry Related to Life Sciences or 106: Principles of Chem II
  • ENGLISH 101: Introductory Writing
  • COM 102: Speaking in the Digital Age
  • ECONS 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics
  • SOIL_SCI 201: Soil a Living System
  • ANIM_SCI 101: Introduction to Animal Science
  • WSU UCORE [DIVR] course
  • WSU UCORE [HUM] course
  • STAT 212: Introduction to Statistical Methods, MATH 140: Calculus for Life Scientists, MATH 171: Calculus I or MATH 202: Calculus for Business and Economics

Check out our Transfer Student page for more information about the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) Transfer Student Experience!

Agricultural Technology and Production Management Advising Sheet (PDF)

Student Organizations/Clubs Associated with this Major

Information for New Students

This is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural and Food Systems with a major in Agricultural Technology and Production Management. Many students in this major pursue a minor in Business, which requires a different math series. Students interested in the business minor should talk with an academic advisor. This major is managed by the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences.

Contact Information

For information about advising visit the CAHNRS Academic Advising page.

From a Student’s Perspective…

Alexya Sandmann

AgTM as a Program is unique. Not only does our curriculum offer agriculture classes, but we also dive into business and science classes so that we are rounded when we graduate. Our alumni have gone into numerous fields after graduation, and continue to give back into our education. This major is a perfect fit for any student that comes from an agriculture background, or anyone who wants to be involved in the agriculture industry.

Alexya Sandmann, AgTM Club President, Class of 2021

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