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REEU – Jordan Hummel

My internship with the REEU allowed me to learn about different areas of agriculture and explore laboratory work! From in the field to in the lab, I learned so much about organic agriculture, it’s impact, and how  Having the experience to work with faculty in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences was an amazing experience, and I am grateful for my time I spent learning about the industry!

Jordan Hummel, Agricultural Education
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Gavilon Grain – Hallie Jo Galbreath

The summer before my senior year I was fortunate enough to work for Gavilon Grain as a Grain Merchandising Intern in Catoosa, Oklahoma. My internship was completely out of my comfort zone but, allowed me to immerse myself into a new area of the industry in a region of the country I had never been to. I experienced so much personal and professional growth through that opportunity. My internship also opened the doors to the full-time position that I have accepted following my graduation. I can’t recommend internships enough.

Hallie Jo Galbreath, Agricultural Food Business Economics | CAHNRS Senate Chair 2018-2019
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Wilbur Ellis – Kenton Lyman

The summer before my senior year at Washington State University, I had the opportunity to be a sales-intern for the Wilbur Ellis Company on the Palouse. I was stationed in Colton, WA. Although, I traveled all over the Palouse. The internship entailed the shadowing of local Wilbur-Ellis salesmen that ensure the best crop health options for grower’s wheat, legume, and/or canola crops. Fortunate enough, I was able to pilot a drone/UAV to scout grower’s fields, which is a relatively new scouting technique. Weekly, I would check grower’s fields to ensure that the crop is receiving the right chemical/fertilizer inputs at the right time, the right place and at the right rate to promote the highest yield potential the crop can obtain. Not only did I learn what it takes to be a salesman for Wilbur-Ellis or how to identify certain weeds, but I formed many relationships with Wilbur-Ellis employees and dryland growers on the Palouse.

Kenton Lyman, Agricultural Technology & Production Management

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