Agricultural and Food Systems

Agricultural and Food Systems is an exciting, college-wide, interdisciplinary program offering a Bachelor of Science degree with five majors. While each major focuses on a different aspect of the global food system, all five emphasize a solid foundation in the agricultural sciences. A core set of classes provide you with a broad interdisciplinary background while the individual major classes offer a specialized knowledge in your area of interest.

Agricultural & Food Business Economics

Students who major in Agriculture and Food Business economics thrive on intellectual curiosity and are motivated to make a positive impact on the food and agricultural business world. In this applied major, students gain a science-based overview of agriculture and food systems with an emphasis on economics. Students will analyze the choices people make and the effects of those decisions as they pertain to the use of the world’s resources.

Human Nutrition and Food Systems

Students in this exciting new major are the next generation of population health scientists and researchers. This major focuses on understanding our obligation to meet the nutritional needs of a growing population by producing sustainable, nutrient-rich foods, that benefit the health of people and the planet.

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education students prepare the next generation of consumers and producers. Course content includes crop and soil sciences, agricultural systems, animal sciences, and educational practices.

Agricultural Technology & Production Management

In this hands-on major, students gain a science-based overview of agriculture and food systems, with an emphasis on the practical application of technology to agricultural production systems. The program combines students’ inherent creativity and interest in physical and biological sciences, technology, mathematics, business, and related subjects with their desire to develop innovative solutions to a variety of agricultural challenges.

Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

The organic food and beverage market is one of the fastest-growing segments of agriculture. The growing demand for organic products has created the need for employees who understand the unique production, processing, and marketing approaches used in organic and sustainable agriculture. Students in this major take a diverse array of courses in the agricultural, economic, and social sciences, as well as a number of courses focused on organic and sustainable production practices.

Agriculture & Food Security

Agriculture and Food Security students are the protectors of the world’s plant-based food supply. Students learn the complexity of relationships within agricultural ecosystems, how external factors influence these systems, and how to effectively manage pests and diseases without incurring undue risks to human and environmental health.

Only available to undergraduate students enrolled before Fall 2023.

Admission to the Major

Following admission to WSU, a student may be admitted to an Agricultural and Food Systems major in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences upon making their intention known to the department. This will typically happen during orientation events.

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